WhatsApp Business API - More Convenience With The All-New Interactive Message Templates

Ankith Singh

WhatsApp chatbots are known for convenience. So is the rapid adoption across and around. WhatsApp Business API is being improved continuously to ensure an enhanced experience for everyone. The latest launch of the two features – Reply Buttons and List Messages by WhatsApp add to the convenience that they already deliver.

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Texts are for free conversations.

Not destined to be mere options. strongly believes that strong NLP-backed chatbots are not only fun to engage with but also work (or chat?) wonders. NLP chatbots can personify a smart sales assistant, an empathetic support staff or a marketing rockstar.

Yet, limiting chatting with just options isn’t enough.

Typing an alphabet or number to show the option chosen in a conversation is dated. Hence, WhatsApp launched lists and buttons to make user-brand interaction a cake walk.

What is interactive messages?

Each interactive message option (reply buttons, list messages) gives your users a simpler way to find and select what they want from your business on WhatsApp. During testing, chatbots using interactive messaging features achieved significantly higher response rates and conversions compared to those that are text-based.

Dynamic Reply Buttons

Reply Buttons are like the Quick Replies we add to notifications. However, Reply Buttons will be added inside the conversations. This allows users to make quick choices for any chatbot’s question or context inside the 24-hour window. Messages including up to 3 options — each option is a button. This type of message is faster for users to make a selection from a menu when interacting with a business. Reply buttons have the same user experience as interactive templates with buttons.


Each message can have upto 3 ‘Reply Buttons’ to quickly choose from. Let’s see some use-cases:

Telecom: for choosing the plan duration and bill payments

Travel: choosing the mode (email, WhatsApp, or SMS) of receiving the ticket copy

Financial services: Choosing the relevant interest (Mutual Funds, Equity, Bonds)

Retail/e-commerce: for checking order status or making return requests

The ‘Reply Buttons’ option is useful wherever the number of choices is limited to 3.

Lists or Buttons? Nope. Lists + Buttons

Without a doubt, both. A good chatbot conversation should have a nice mix of both List Messages and Reply Buttons at right spots for enriched user experience. Some examples to look at.



For govt. organisations


For Retail/ecommerce/restaurants

Ankith Singh

The insurance sector is one of the most data-intensive sectors. With the growing expectations of the policyholders, it is more important than ever for insurers to tackle customers’ need for convenient, personalised, and seamless.

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